Prestige X70 for sale in Montenegro

Prestige X70 for sale!
Delivery: Jan 2024
Price: € 3.123.000 (ExW, Ex-VAT)

Prestige Yachts Montenegro

Rockstar Yachts is the exclusive Prestige Yachts distributor in Montenegro.

Prestige Yachts is part of Groupe Beneteau, Europe’s leading player in luxury yachts production. Today, shipyard produces more than 300 new motor yachts a year and is positioned among the TOP-5 production shipyards in the world (together with Azimut, Princess, Sunseeker, and Ferretti).

Prestige Yachts Models

The Company’s production site is located in Les Herbiers, France. In addition, Prestige opened a new production facility north of the Adriatic in Monfalcone, Italy. Based on the ex-Monte Carlo Yachts shipyard, the new facility was named Groupe Beneteau Italia. MCY was famous for producing top-quality motor yachts and is also part of the Beneteau Group. This new location makes it very suitable for the construction and delivery of new Prestige Yachts to Montenegro.

Prestige M8 cat

You can browse the entire catalog of new Prestige Yachts for sale above. If you are looking to buy used Prestige instead – please, check our “Used Prestige Yachts for Sale” page.

Prestige Yachts official Service

With office and a service base in Porto Montenegro, Rockstar Yachts provides warranty and post-warranty service for Prestige Yachts. Our Company has established exclusive relationships with leading European factories producing yacht stabilizers, navigation, hydraulic and other equipment. Therefore, we can quickly perform Prestige yachts service, repair, and refit of any complexity.

Prestige Yachts service in Montenegro

Over the last years, Rockstar Yachts became the leading expert in Prestige Yachts sales and service. We delivered numerous Prestige models to Montenegro, most of which are now available for a visit in Porto Montenegro.

Prestige Yachts video

Prestige Yachts History

Prestige Yachts was founded in 1957 by Henri Jeanneau, a passionate fan of powerboat racing from Les Herbiers. He aimed to build exceptional luxury yachts for extraordinary clients, for the ones who aspire to live with their dreams.

Prestige quickly became an instant success, with yacht models standing out by their innovative technical solutions and timeless design.

A pioneer shipyard in 1958, Prestige built one of the first hulls in fiberglass polyester resin. It was a very new material for the maritime industry. The tremendously successful yacht became the precursor for future Prestige models.

Prestige Yachts

Prestige 60 and Prestige 750

In 2000, the new Prestige 36 signaled the brand’s arrival into the universe of luxury flybridge boats. Prestige shipyard also saw accelerated growth, opening a new, ultra-modern 22.000m2 production facility in Les Herbiers, France.

In 2010, Prestige entered the market of large motor yachts by introducing the Prestige 60. Elegant, innovative, and equipped with all-new Volvo Penta IPS engines. This model instantly won several awards, including Powerboat of the Year 2010.

Prestige Shipyard reached another milestone in 2014 with the launch of its flagship model, the Prestige 750. Produced in the new shipyard in Monfalcone, it was designed to enjoy life at sea fully and at the port. It was offering a unique quality of comfort and a contemporary design. Prestige 750 won numerous awards, including the 2015 European Powerboat of the Year in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Prestige Yachts History

Prestige 680 and 680S

Shipyard continually renewed its product line as a market leader, offering two new models in 2016. The Prestige 680 and 680 S.

Harmonious interiors of these models featured the new idea of a raised owner’s cabin in the forward deck. Such cabins have private access from the salon and were brightly lit with natural lighting, thanks to large panoramic windows.

Such cabins have private access from the salon and were brightly lit with natural lighting, thanks to large panoramic windows. Prestige 680 also won the 2016 Powerboat of the Year award in Dusseldorf.

Prestige 630S in Tivat

Celebrating 30 years

Year 2019 marks a monumental milestone for the Prestige brand. The Shipyard celebrated its 30th year of luxury yacht building. It became a key player on the international yachting stage, benefiting from Europe’s largest and most professional dealer network.

By this time, Shipyard has established a global presence. It already had over 4.000 Prestige owners worldwide recognizing and sharing the brand’s values.

But Prestige continued to develop its motor yacht range further. In addition, it consolidated its position in the highly competitive luxury yacht market by offering a full, contemporary model range.

Today Prestige Yachts shipyard is regarded as one of the world’s most renowned luxury yacht builders. It offers new revolutionary yacht concepts, such as the X-Line and M-line power catamaran series.

Prestige Yachts range in Montenegro

New X-Line and M-Line

The X-Line crossover yachts, such as Prestige X60 and Prestige X70, are designed as your private islands. A true escape from the busy everyday life. These yachts redefine space, light, and luxury, accenting fine materials and exceptionally high-quality finish.

With the new state-of-the-art M-Line, PRESTIGE presents a new vision in multi-hull motor yachts. New Prestige M48 (Powerboat of the Year 2022 winner) and Prestige M8 power catamarans bring a picture of multi-hull vessels that allow you to reconnect with the sea and yourself authentically.

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